“Dress-Up Bridal Experience” Wedding Veil Try On Box - Try Before You Buy

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Who doesn’t like a good dress-up party? Try on custom wedding veils and find "the one" without leaving the safety of your home.  I’ll ship wedding veil samples straight to you and you will get a personalized styling consultation with the designer (me!) who will guide you every step of the way.

Since you cannot go out right now, I am delivering the wedding party straight to your doorstep.

Shipping is free both ways. So crack the champagne, brew yourself that latte, grab a sweet treat, and let the party begin!

Easy 4 Step Process

1. (OPTIONAL) To get started, you can have a personalized styling consultation with me. Just send me photos of your wedding dress by e-mailing me here. Skip this step if you already know what you want to try on.
2. Order your Wedding Veil Box on this page by selecting the styles you are interested in.  Click "Add to Cart" for each veil that you are interested in. There is a $39.99 deposit per item... which will be 100% refunded once you place your order. 

(Note that not every wedding veil is available for home try-on at this time - review the available collection here).

3. Wedding Veils will be shipped to your doorstep in the “Dress-Up Bridal Experience” box. Try them on to see what you love.

4. When you're done, package the veils up, attach the pre-paid return label, and ship back via USPS. Shipping is free, both ways.

(Note that you may keep the veil for up to 1 month).


There is no downside! You get to invite your trusted friends over and play “dress-up” from the safety and privacy of your home without the pressure of a sales consultant hovering over your shoulder!

 P.S. There are some SECRET GOODIES that are included in your wedding veil box. Shhhhh!