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POISE - Birdcage Wedding Veil / Headband With Lace in White, Off White, Ivory, or Blush Pink

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POISE: Calm Confidence & Grace in Speech and Manner

Ultra chic and inspired by the detailed artistry of eras gone by, this wedding headpiece weaves elements of luxury and sophistication with ease. This wedding veil is a modern spin on a vintage classic, giving a nod to the enchantment of the 1920s while still being fashion-forward.

The beauty of this bridal hairpiece is its versatility... slant it over the eyes in a traditional birdcage style or wear it as more of a bridal cap resting smartly over the forehead and crown so that you have a clear view of your groom as you walk down the aisle. You cannot go wrong! 

• A bandeau-style veil that is hand sewn from soft bridal illusion tulle 
• The tulle can be done in White, Off White/ Diamond, Ivory, or the softest of Blush Pinks
• Adorned with ivory beaded lace appliques on either side of the veil
• Lace appliques have been wired, allowing them to be curved to your head 
• The veil measures about 18'' in length
• Attaches to small silver metal combs on either side for easy placement in the hair

This veil is made to order and will take an estimated 1 week to complete.

Can't decide which color you need? Order free samples of tulle HERE.

Credits: Photos by Scenemotion Films