3 Creative Ways to Reuse your Wedding Veil: for Thrifty Brides

3 Creative Ways to Reuse your Wedding Veil: for Thrifty Brides

3 creative ways to reuse and re-purpose your wedding veil

So you’ve invested time and energy (and money!) into choosing the perfect wedding veil, and into selecting just the right color, trim, beading, and lace accents that compliment your wedding dress. It just seems wrong that you should only be able to wear your bridal veil for a few hours during your ceremony. Right?


Read on for 3 easy and creative ways that you can reuse or re-purpose your veil.

1. Décor for your bridal shower


beaded wedding veil for bridal shower decor My bride draped her pearl-studded veil over the banister and wall for her bridal shower to add a bit of glimmer to her party. The added bonus of this is that her friends and family get a sneak peek preview of her wedding veil, and she gets to build the anticipation for the big reveal on her wedding day!



Draped tulle wedding veil for reception decor

2. Drape it over your baby’s crib as a canopy

First comes love, then marriage, then the baby carriage – right? Well when those babies start to come along, then you already have a sweet, whimsical canopy to place over your little one’s crib or carrier in the nursery.

baby crib canopy for nursery

3. Your future daughter's communion veil

Store it in an archival, lignin-free garment bag (like this) for your future daughter to wear on her communion day or even for her own wedding. You are starting your own family legacy!

communion mantilla veil with lace on little girl

I'd love to hear how you are planning to reuse your veil. Let me know at @oneblushingbride and I'll add it to my list!

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